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Been a While

dad bench

It appears cobwebs have grown all around this place. Life has been a little busy in the insane sort of way and I’ve been sleep deprived for well over a year now. Attempting coherent thought to turn into words to write down has been a little difficult.

Things that have happened in the past many months:

  • first birthday celebration
  • trip to Lebanon on my own with the little man
  • many, many, many sick days for the little man, minus the entire summer (2 months) he spent out of daycare and with his dad
  • 3 ER visits for respiratory issues for little man
  • 2 hospitalization stays for little man, which we care to never repeat
  • 1 asthma diagnosis and subsequent medication
  • incessantly blaming myself for my kid’s health issues
  • lots of cursing at the news
  • more sleep deprivation
  • voted and shocked by results (Virginia)
  • discovery of even tastier coffee

That kind of sums it all up. I’m hoping 2018 will not be as bad in the illness department, but don’t expect much in the politics department (which is nothing short of depressing and maddening).