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Golden Silence

dupont metro

Comforting silence swept the train as I boarded metro at 6:40 this morning. I sat down and leaned my head to the side on the plastic-glass divider and closed my eyes. The train driver announced where we were headed, as per the usual, and mentioned the upcoming stops.

I could hear sneezes and sniffling a few feet away from me and I tried to shrug the biting noise away. I wanted the silence again to lull me into a light sleep.

My muscles ached.

With each stop, another bothersome noise was added to the train and broke through my silence sphere. I could hear music from headphones, chatter about inconsequential things, and then the smell of someone who had been smoking permeated my nasal passage.

My impatience with others grew, but my exhaustion remained a heavier weight and so I kept my eyes closed until it was finally my turn to transfer trains to reach my morning destination.

Once outside, I breathed in the cold morning air as my eyes struggled to stay open. The one thought that kept coming into my head was how lucky I am that I was able to get up today and go to a job.

No sarcasm, just thankfulness.


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