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Deck the tree you say?

fallen barn

iPhone, vsco cam edits, Appalachia, VA

I was all set on buying a tree to decorate for Christmas this year when we returned from visiting Matt’s family in southwest Virginia. But then I woke up on Saturday morning with what felt like the start of a cold. After a six-hour car drive and a hot pot dinner with Alice and her family (thank the food heavens for hot pot for it is THE BEST when you have a cold), I basically collapsed the rest of the weekend.

Which meant no Sunday tree buying or decorating. I then figured we would go sometime on Monday after work, but today until Wednesday it is supposed to rain nonstop.

I’m beginning to think the universe doesn’t want me to decorate for Christmas, which I don’t really want to do anyways.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a fan of this season. It brings me sadness and a feeling of loneliness. But I have been intent on decorating this year not for me, but for Matt.

Growing up, his mom went all out (still does) decorating for Christmas. She makes it feel all warm and cozy, and very homey. Matt isn’t usually one for seasonal decor, but over the years I’ve come to learn that he likes a little decorating here and there for fall and then for the Christmas season.

It’s not because he’s religious, but I guess, something sticks with us from when we’re kids and deep down inside we want that homey feeling again.

So I’m determined this year to go out with Matt, get a small and real tree, and decorate it with him. Fingers crossed this stupid cold and gloomy weather clear up by Thursday.


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