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In Tandem

green camouflage

Each year sometime during the summer, I look back at the past year and reflect on my time with Matt. I don’t know why I always do so this time of year since it’s not an anniversary for us (not that we even celebrate any anniversary), but for some reason it pops in my head.

As always we have had good times and not so great times. We’ve argued, laughed, and passed out on the couch from work exhaustion as per the usual. We’ve been hounded by family about kids – that we should have them, especially since the world needs more smart, liberal people (no really, we have been told this). We are a year older, possibly not that much wiser.

Most of the same, but a little more attached to each other.

I’ve said it before – and told friends – that the first year of marriage was by far the worst (also apparently we are not the only ones with that same experience). With each passing year it has gotten better and better. We learn a little more about each other in small, everyday ways that only we would notice.

We forgive more. Saying “I’m sorry” and sometimes letting things go gets to be easier (at least for a very stubborn individual such as myself – I can’t even stress how stubborn I am). We worry a little more about each other and we’re closer than we have ever been in the eight years we’ve been together (almost four of them marriage).

He’s my best friend and partner for life. With each year that passes, I love that bearded man even more.


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