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Canon AE-1, film, rocking out

Remember how I was considering opening up a small photography side business? I pondered it over all of last year and never really went through with it. Then I thought that I would definitely start the process at the beginning of this year.

But after mulling it over and over and over and … well you get the point, I’ve decided not to go ahead with it for several reasons, one of them being pretty personal, which I cannot mention on this here blog.

I already have a full-time job that takes out a big chunk of my day and in all honesty, I don’t have the energy to write-up business plans, figure out how to increase the number of clients, brand myself, create a website and continuously maintain it, and so on and so forth (and yes you really need all that if you want to turn a profit).

I just want to be able to take photos and enjoy it. That’s really the bottom line of it all. I even still want to create my own personal photography projects and with a full-time job, plus a small side business, I wouldn’t have any time for that.

I’m also worried – and this particular worry has come to fruition – that I will stop enjoying taking pictures. At certain points, this has happened. I’ve even had to write back to people and say I’m very sorry, but I am no longer doing X type of photography.

On top of that, it costs a lot of money to start a business, and if you can’t see yourself breaking even or making a profit, it’s really not worth it. In fact, my guess is I would lose money only because I wouldn’t have enough clients for the year.

You also need to keep growing your photography skills (sort of like continuous professional development), which means attending workshops, taking classes, etc. Oh yeah, and that costs a pretty penny.

There’s more. All that lovely gear you have? You have to pay to maintain it and clean it annually, especially when it is constantly being used. Sometimes you even have to get new gear if something breaks or is stolen. Or you could pay to rent gear, but that adds up.

I really thought this was something I was going to do and be able to do, but alas, I’ll need to put it aside for the time being. Possibly for good.



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