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I was up late on Saturday night editing photos, when I noticed the clock had struck past midnight and the first thing I thought was it’s dad’s birthday.

May 1.

I’ve never forgotten my dad’s birthday because for one he’s my dad and secondly we share a birthday month. But this year is a special one.

I’ve always been grateful – no, eternally thankful that I was blessed with such an awesome father. He’s by no means perfect and he has his flaws, but he’s always been a caring and loving father from the day I was born.

Almost losing him last summer continues to make me thankful each and every day that he’s still with us, that he was able to celebrate another birthday, and that in about three months he’ll meet my son and will be Jiddo (grandpa in Arabic) for the first time.

We’re thrown a lot of curve balls in life, some worse than others. But it’s how we deal with them that counts.

My dad taught me that it’s ok to cry over spilled milk, but after I’m done, it’s time to buck up, look my problem head on and use the tools of my life’s experiences and everything my parents taught me to find a solution and move on.

Continuously whining and moaning isn’t going to get me anywhere. Keep moving forward and only look back to learn from past mistakes. And always, always be thankful for what I do have.

I am forever thankful for my dad and that he has had the chance to celebrate yet another birthday.

Happy birthday dad. Love you beyond the moon and back.


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