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America, You’re Just America

I’m sure even those living under a rock these days or even a cave or deep dark woods have heard all there is to hear about American politics and the upcoming presidential elections (which most agree has become painful to the senses – specifically eyes and ears).

Personally, if I hear the words make America great again or that America is already great I think I might fly to the Grand Canyon and let out a very painful scream that I’m hoping the rest of America will be able to hear.

Here’s the bottom line: America, you are just America. There is nothing special about you. Sorry, but no. In fact, you rank quite low in terms of education, providing solid infrastructure around the country, universal and affordable health care for all (please, we’re not even close), paid family and medical leave, social services for those in need, and oh so much more.

You know what you’re good at? Capitalism and making the rich even richer. You’re also good at gutting policies and laws that have in the past helped the middle class and disenfranchised such as voting rights, women’s reproductive health rights, and minority rights. You like to quash the little guy and incessantly reward the gluttonous rich who make up 1% or possibly less than 1% of the country.

There have been numerous articles and studies written on all of the above mentioned that there isn’t enough room in one blog post to link them all.

How about instead of endlessly bragging about your false characteristics, you face the truth and start focusing on everything that is broken and rebuilding?

Gut Citizens United.

Increase taxes on the top 1%.

Hold corporations and Wall Street accountable.

Put money into rebuilding your infrastructure and providing good public transportation.

Make health care universal for all and make it affordable.

Pay your teachers better and stop with the testing, and start rebuilding public schools.

Raise your national minimum wage.

Provide affordable housing.

Create programs that help the poor and especially the homeless.

Face the fact that you have a racism problem and actually do something to correct it.

Return voting rights for all.

Give individuals and families paid family and medical leave.

And for fuck’s sake, STOP thinking individually and start thinking that you are a community.

Only then will you start coming close to being “great.”