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A little here, A little there

I’ve been getting a lot of “oh so you like white walls” comments on and offline which yes I do. At the same time I am a fan of painting walls a different color, but when it’s done with taste. I’ve seen walls covered in very beautiful colors at my friends’ houses and love them.

But I wanted to start out on a clean slate with mine. I didn’t want the previous owner picking out the colors for me. At the same time I do love white because it’s easy for me to add to it (as in hang things up and decorate) than it is for me to decorate around walls with color.

Not only that, but I’m trying to go for a specific kind of look/comfort which is not yet complete (won’t be for a while I think). When I walk into my own home I want to feel comfort and calm. Not intensity and a splish splash or randomness (apparently like the previous owner enjoyed).

So I painted the last room – The Purple Room – white. I know, shocking. When we first saw this room, it struck us that this was definitely made for a child (even though the previous owner didn’t have kids, it was staged as such). Since we don’t have kids and are not planning on any for a while, this had to be changed.

Besides, if we do ever have a kid, shouldn’t we be the ones who chose the colors and how we want to decorate it? I’m going to go ahead and say yes. Here it was before:

And after I painted it:

For now we’ve made it into an office (which still needs some more furniture), something we’ve never had space for before. It’s nice for a change.

But painting was not the only item on my to-do list – there was a ton more. The shower head, shower rod and door hinges in our bathroom were all changed due to how rusted they were (yuck). All easy purchases and fixes from Home Depot (or the like).

The tub faucets were even removed (super duper easy to do), washed thoroughly and put back. Except the little caps/handles that have “H” and “C” on them were not getting clean. So off to Home Depot it was! Guess what? They have them!

Top: dirty faucet handles that couldn’t be thoroughly cleaned. Bottom: cleaned tub faucets with new handles.

I also did a lot of spackling and caulking. Pretty amazing the small stuff you start noticing.

Even our lovely friend agreed to come over and hang up our flat screen TV over the fireplace while we watched him and my dad do all the work. Sipping on some wine of course.

Don’t worry, he (and everyone else) was rewarded with some homemade Lebanese Tabouli, Shawarma and Hummus.

It’s pretty amazing the things you can do yourself around the house – even though quite a bit of it is hard work. Also? I’m a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends and awesome parents who take time out of their day to give me a helping hand.

Now to decorate those new bare white walls…

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  1. We’re going to get very familiar with our local Home Depot, aren’t we? We’ve already been there 4 times and we haven’t lived here a month. Seems there is always some new thing that needs purchasing. I told Darcy last night that I need to get at least one room done because living with boxes in 4 out of 6 rooms is killing me softly. I can’t find my jewelry and none of my office stuff is unpacked so I bet there could be bills lying around. D’oh!

    Having friends and family to help makes all the difference. My BIL has been so helpful (he’s a carpenter) and other friends have come by with food and support. Love!

    June 27, 2012
  2. My in-laws have a second home … and they painted the master bedroom (clearly not for a child) periwinkle/lilac. Apparently, there’s more than one of them running around. =)

    It took buying my own place to realize just how simple a lot of fixes are around the house. And even though they might be time-intensive, once complete, it feels like you’re living in a new place! I’m impressed you’ve gotten so much accomplished … I think it’s easy to move in and become complacent about tackling the to-do list.

    June 27, 2012

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