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The Picture

living room

So this is our living room. Comfy looking right? You’d be surprised how long it took us to put it together even though there are only a few items in there. And the colors. Agreeing on those can lead a couple down an argument wormhole. Useless and waste of time kind of disagreements.

But we finally made it work after looking for items online and stores and hoping for deals or coupons.

And then Matt with his weight ball happened.

A few weeks ago, prior to school starting, Matt brought his weight ball downstairs to the living room to “play” with it. You might be wondering who does that and well Matt does that.

He promptly sat on the couch and began throwing it up in the air and catching it.

Meanwhile, I was sitting in the office (originally a bedroom we turned into an office) doing something or other on my computer when I heard something crash.

I didn’t jump up and run into the living room because when you live with Matt, you hear these things from time to time. So I ignored it.

Except Matt came running into the office and he said he did something bad. I sighed, got up and followed him into the living room.

My mind took about five seconds to grasp what had happened. The picture/painting/wall decor item you see there in the photo? It had been completely knocked off and the hanger for it had been bent down. The back of the picture where the wire hangs was completely ripped off with a portion of it hanging loose (the board part).

I think my eyes were about to pop out of my head when I asked him what in the heck he did.

While throwing his weight ball up in the air, at one point he didn’t catch it because it landed right on top of the picture and tore it down.

To say I was livid doesn’t fully explain the fuming anger I felt.

You see, the day before? I had spent two hours cleaning the house (3 floors) from top to bottom. I had hung that picture myself when we first bought it. I had also done a bunch of laundry. I was exhausted and tired from a full week of work. And in comes Sir Matt with his weight ball.

So I exploded. You don’t want to see me when I’m very, very mad. I get quite rage-y and tend to yell.

That picture has still not been replaced or fixed. I did apologize to Matt for yelling so much and he  apologized for knocking it down.

Yet I keep thinking, why would I want a kid when I’ve got Matt?


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  1. kapgar #

    Weight ball like a medicine ball? Weird thing to use in such a pristine looking living room.

    It can be fixed and that’s key. My mind saw the medicine ball go in the air an fall straight down through the couch or flooring. That would be bad.

    August 30, 2013
  2. Beautiful living room! Love the light. The artwork is my type of artwork-abstract. Sorry about the accident. Sucks. Though if you had a kid, you’d prolly have a valuables and breakables in storage ;). Why we don’t do that we get married is a wonder ;). Hope it can be fixed!

    September 3, 2013
  3. I love your aesthetic – the neutrals with pops of colors – whatever it took to get *there* was worth it! Sorry about the accident. At least it was a piece of art and not Matt’s face, right? heh.

    September 5, 2013

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