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When Spring Smiles


I saw Spring today. She peaked out and smiled at me. A big, beautiful grin.

I answered her with a giggle. She knows she’s my favorite.

It might be because my birthday is in May. Or because the sun is a little warmer and the air fresher.

Light stays out longer and short sleeves are ok again.

For a moment – just one short moment – it all feels right.

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  1. san #

    Yay spring!

    April 4, 2014
    • Marie #


      April 9, 2014
  2. I like spring smiles. Especially after this winter.

    April 6, 2014
    • Marie #


      April 9, 2014
  3. The sight of flowers really makes you feel like spring is in the air. I think we’re a month away from seeing any real flowers around here, but I’ll take the warmer temps for now. =D

    April 7, 2014
    • Marie #

      Oh heck yes!

      April 9, 2014
  4. I love how you have personified Spring. Sunshine makes me smile.

    April 9, 2014
    • Marie #

      Thanks Lisa! I hope we continue to get lots of sunshine this spring and summer 🙂

      April 9, 2014

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