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Food Feedback

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As I’ve mentioned countless times, I struggle with knowing what meals to make and actually making them because the kitchen and I are really not BFFs. But I think I’ve found something that works. At least for the time being.

Last week I wrote about how I previously signed up for Blue Apron and Gathered Table to see what works best for me (and us). I wanted to provide my feedback, thus far, on how things are going (nope, not asked to do so by either entity and not paid to do this) in case anyone else has similar struggles or issues with food making.

Let’s start with Blue Apron. Once you sign up, you tell them the types of foods you eat and which weeks you want the food to be delivered. You can skip multiple weeks or have food delivered every week. Each meal per person is $9.99. When they send you the items in a box, they include all the ingredients you need for three meals for the coming week. Each ingredient is clearly labeled and they provide you with the exact amounts you need plus the recipes (which are super clear with pictures).

I’ve gotten two boxes so far (because I chose to skip a few weeks) and while I’ve found it to be immensely helpful, it is costly. The meals are very easy to make (if you know your way around the kitchen) and can be completed in under an hour. Not only that, they are really delicious. The ingredients they provide are fresh and tasty. But again, this is costly and not something we can maintain over the long run so I’ve decided to stop deliveries for the foreseeable future.

Then there’s Gathered Table. Similar to Blue Apron, you sign up and tell them your preferences. The difference here is they don’t have to provide you with the actual ingredients, but rather provide you with weekly recipes to make (if you so choose) based on what your preferences are. Then they make a grocery list for you (or you can make one) to take along when you are buying your ingredients for the week. It appears, for now, that the first six months are for free, but after that it is $10/month which is a lot more affordable than Blue Apron. Of course, you are not necessarily getting groceries delivered (although that does seem to be an option with them).

I’ve found Gathered Table to be more like Pinterest in a way, but focused on recipes, groceries, and planning. They even have a smartphone app which comes in quite handy, especially when grocery shopping and referring to the recipe while cooking.

Overall and over the long run, Gathered Table is the winner because it’s affordable and allows me to build a virtual library, while also letting me alter recipes (or put in my own) if needed. Blue Apron, however, did help me build a new schedule on when to cook: in the evenings, after I get back from work/gym, but the food is for the following day’s lunch. This way I don’t feel the evening pressure of rushing home and making a meal by a decent hour (which never happened).

Hopefully I can keep sticking to this and making (healthy) food at home!

Anything special that you are using at home? Or have used? Tips and tricks?

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  1. Some grocery stores deliver for free, and I’ve read that they don’t “shop” at your local store but at a warehouse. Plus, they just don’t give you the crappy leftover stuff because then you might not continue the service, so you do get quality stuff. Sometimes just in different packaging than you’d find in store.

    I like that Gathered Table just sends you recipes because heck, I want to buy my own food at sale prices and use coupons. $10 a person is high for home-cooking. I cook more along the lines of $4 a person, and that’s on an expensive grocery trip and not including the 2 kiddos.

    I definitely menu plan (which has hits and misses) and must have a list when I shop. I’m neurotic like that ;). Being on a regular schedule really helps me do this. I need to cook at the same time every day because my kids need to be in bed at a certain time. Who knows what life will be when they have after school activities and we don’t sit down for dinner anymore. Kinda sad. I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible.

    September 25, 2014
    • Marie #

      I didn’t know that about grocery store deliveries! I’m usually picky about getting my own food (i.e. picking out the vegetables, fruits, and meat) so that’s why I like going myself. Good to know though.

      $10 per person is quite high, I totally agree. Hence why I’ve discontinued. The do send quality food though and their meals really are tasty. Plus it did help me figure out a schedule. So while it did help, I still can’t afford to continue it.

      I’ve always been awful at meal planning because: lazy. I really need to be pushed or given all the ingredients and tools to make meals. (I can’t tell you how much my hatred for the kitchen/cooking runs deep.) We don’t eat dinner together or really any meal during the week because we’re both away from home until Matt gets back late in the afternoon and I’m not home till 8pm. It’s just not possible. But we’re ok with it. I think it’s important that people find schedules that work for them, especially since we all have such crazy, busy days.

      September 26, 2014

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