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Online Questions


There’s a number of items on my To-Do Mental List that are not getting To-Done. So I bring forth some questions in case anyone can help me out with really any one of these items. Read on…

Social Media and Photos

As of now, I have two Twitter accounts (one private, one public), two Facebook profiles (personal, photo website page), two websites (this personal blog, photo website), and one Instagram account that is set on private. I use Twitter and Instagram the most because I get a lot of news from Twitter and love Instagram since it’s all about pictures. I’ve been thinking lately though of creating a public Instagram account where I would post only photos I take for my photography stuff (so really anything that would go on my photo website, mainly when I’m asked to take pictures for others). If I did so, I would no longer post those specific photos on my personal Instagram account, but leave it for just that – personal (as I’ve done with my other social media accounts).

What do you think? Yay, nay? 

Selling Stuff Online

There are several items I need to get rid of that include furniture, purses, etc. So essentially large items and small ones. The two top websites used for such things are eBay and Craig’s List. Yet, I’m wary of them both. Craig’s List because of all the creepy horror stories or the “I’m in Nigeria so send me money” kind of scams. eBay because can I be assured that people will actually pay up? Will it sell? Is the site reliable?

Have you come across any other place to sell items? Or is there any local place in the VA/DC/MD area I can go to?


Our annoying bathroom faucet had apparently been leaking hot water (which jacked up our gas bill, YAY) for a while. Once I noticed, I turned it off, and took part of the faucet apart. I need a wrench to do the rest of the work (I’m possibly guessing I need to replace the washer), but I’m not sure if I should go to Home Depot and or Lowes for plumbing help/questions. Especially since the recent hacking scandal with Home Depot.

What do you think? Does it make a difference who I go to? Or is one better than the other? Or any other suggestions?

Thank you and have a happy Friday + wonderful weekend!

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  1. I personally find it difficult to keep up 2 accounts of the same thing, except FB which one is all personal and one for the blog, even if the 2 might share info. Plus, I keep my FB very private so that people can’t even share my photos or status updates. So, it’s up to you how you want to set up your accounts. I keep really personal stuff off the internet anyways, whether or not there are privacy settings or private accounts.

    I’ve only ever used Craigslist and haven’t had any horror stories though I always make my husband deal with buyers if they are coming to the house. I don’t know anything local except consignment shops.

    I’d go to home improvement store for advice, sure. You don’t have to buy anything there, or use cash. Hackers are everywhere these days. It’s not stopping me from using my credit card.

    October 3, 2014
    • Marie #

      I definitely keep very personal stuff off the internet for sure. Twitter is easy because I use Hootsuite so I can see both accounts clearly. I really mainly use my public Twitter and my photo Facebook page for my photography sharing which I’m ok with sharing publicly.

      I would for sure ask my husband to deal with any Craigslist buyers! Even if meeting them somewhere. And I’ll have to look at some consignment shops if I can’t sell the stuff anywhere online.

      I need to go still to Home Depot or Lowes. Didn’t have a chance this past weekend since I got sick.

      October 7, 2014
  2. That’s too much online stuff to handle. Why can’t you just open your IG account and put it all there? You’ve got FB showing your pro stuff. Why do you need a separate IG as well? Overkill.

    I’ve sold stuff on eBay but not very successfully. One item sold and I made very little while several did not and I wound up owing them for the listing. I don’t trust Craigslist at all for selling or buying.

    October 7, 2014
    • Marie #

      See, I don’t trust Craigslist either. I know several people who have sold stuff on it, but I’m still VERY wary of it. Too many creepy people on there. Shame.

      I used to have my IG account open, but got too many weird follows/spam and made it private. Not sure I want to open it back up yet and like that I can control who can follow me. For the pictures I’m requested to take, I thought opening a more public IG account would help promote what I do. But I’m still very undecided and think I do have too many accounts. I’ll need to keep thinking about this.

      That’s my fear on eBay, that I won’t be able to sell what I need to sell which can get frustrating. I wish there were more options.

      October 8, 2014

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