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The News, Issue 5: A kiss is just a kiss

fall confetti

Did you know that when two people kiss, they swap over 80 million bacteria? Eighty. Million. Bacteria. In one French kiss. Has to last 10 seconds of course.

NSA phone data collection can go on and will likely go on even after the law expires. Why? Because Senate Republicans used a filibuster to block consideration of a bill that would end and replace the NSA phone records program. Don’t ever doubt the government – any government – isn’t listening in. After all, it’s for the greater good. Or so we’re told.

So you say you need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Pshaw. Possibly not. This does not mean we do not need to rest, but rather we may need to take breaks throughout the day and night. Just not necessarily all at once.

Serial has become quite the addictive podcast, but is the journalist – Sarah Koenig – ignoring a very important point: racial/ethnic background of Adnan and Hae? Possibly she is. Could it have played some what of a role in the police’s investigation, arrest, and then the jury’s conviction? Maybe. Is Ms. Koenig who is white and does not come from a similar background unable to understand or dig more into the case and therefore not able to properly report on the story? No, not necessarily.

And lastly, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders takes a highly critical look at Democrats and I have to say, I do like some of what he said. 

“…where America is, is that today we are seeing the collapse, the continued collapse, of the American middle class. You have working-class families who have given up the dream of sending their kids to college. My family never had any money. My father came … from Poland without a nickel in his pocket. He was able to send two of his kids to college. That dream is now not a reality for a whole lot of folks in this country.

And then people look out and they say, “Gee, the wealthiest people are doing phenomenally well.” And where are the Democrats? Do people see the Democratic Party standing up to Wall Street? Any of these guys going to jail? Not really. The average person is working longer hours, lower wages, and they do not see any political party standing up and fighting for their rights. What they see is a Republican Party becoming extremely right wing, controlled by folks like the Koch brothers. But they do not see a party representing the working class of this country.”

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