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The Beard

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Can we talk about Matt’s beard for a second? Look at that thing. He’s been growing it out for well over a month now. It’s gotten to be quite impressive, but it’s lacking.

What I mean is he needs to take better care of it. Just like hair on one’s head (which Matt has not had for a while now – a little over a decade), beards need to be conditioned, trimmed, and pampered.

I explained to Matt that he should start putting conditioner in his beard after washing it when he showers and suggested he use my conditioner. But I think he needs to go a bit further.

So I started looking up beard tips online because I can’t grow my own beard so I don’t have personal experience in Beard Care. And then I came upon this. Who knew there was something called The Beard Institute?

I started browsing the site and found what Matt should be doing with his beard (scroll down to The Full Beard video). Fancy eh?

I wasn’t going to get Matt anything for Christmas, but I think I might get him a little kit.

Also he reads my blog so he’ll know this is coming.

I just want my Matt’s Beard to look AWESOME. He’s a handsome devil that one (well, I think so).

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  1. Aww, how sweet 🙂

    December 5, 2014
    • Marie #


      December 5, 2014

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