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If you can’t already tell by the title of this post how I feel, then let me further explain: I would like to have the option of Paid Hibernation.

I know winter is necessary, that it’s a good thing. But it doesn’t make me a fan. It’s not the cold, per say, it’s more the lack of light during the day.

This winter has especially made me more tired and ridiculously sleepy. All the time. It’s like something is zapping my energy. And let me tell you, I have A LOT of energy.

Shorter days coupled with a lot of gray and rainy days has been a perfect recipe for making me want to pass out. I’m lucky I don’t slip into slumber while I’m running on the treadmill, because at this point, it is totally possibly.

I should note, I’m not depressed, just SLEEPY. It’s as if I’ve been sprayed with sleeping pixie dust and want to nap everywhere and anywhere.

At work I get up and walk every few hours to try and wake up, which helps some. I just need something that keeps me awake for most of the day (I already drink coffee).

Do you do anything to make sure you stay awake during the winter months? Any suggestions? (Not in the medicinal sense, but any natural remedies.)

It’s a shame humans can’t get Paid Hibernation during the winter months. How awesome would that be?

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  1. Paid Hibernation would be awesome. Maybe instead of Government Shutdown, we have Hibernation instead. I guess I naturally just have energy so can’t give you any home remedies. Maybe peppermint?

    December 10, 2014
  2. San #

    Please and thank you, where can I sign up for the paid hibernation? How awesome would it be to wake up in April with a full bank account? 🙂

    December 10, 2014
    • Marie #

      It would be magical!! And so lovely. 😀

      December 11, 2014

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