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Sleep Deprived

winter hat

I heard snoring behind me on the metro this morning as I rode into work. My eyes were closed and I even had my earphones plugged right into my ears, listening to NPR. As I do most mornings.

All I could think was, your going to miss your stop Mr.! and yup, yup, I feel ya buddy.

Does this “tired” feeling ever go away?

Yes, I know, we don’t even have any kids, but nevertheless, damn I’m tired. I spend on average 12 hours out of my weekday out of the house – commuting and at work. That is a lot of hours in a 24 hour day.

The rest of it? I sometimes cook, do laundry, shower, get ready for the next day, and if there’s any time left, get about 5 hours of sleep. Six if I’m lucky.

My weekends are made up of more cooking (sometimes – if I feel up to it), more laundry, sometimes cleaning, and running errands.

I’m definitely not one for organizing my life (please don’t insist I do it – I fail at this and I’m ok with it). My home office is a mess. You know how you have that one room in a house or that one closet or that one drawer that is always an embarrassing mess? That would be this room in our place. I think one day we’re going to be locked out of there just because of the sheer amount of mess.

It’s a little scary.

So when am I to find the time to start this photo business (and organize that room) that I’d love to get paid for? Because in all honesty – and my guess is some photographers have hit this wall at some point – paying for such services is needed at this point. As in I’d need to draw up contracts, make sure I get checks, send receipts, do taxes, and my head just exploded.

Which brings me back to square one – where do I even find the time? Can we possibly get a little more than 24 hours in a day? No?

Merde alors.

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  1. San #

    Amen. I feel the same way so often.

    January 15, 2015
  2. We had that room. We called it an “office,” but it was really just a hole. Now it’s Nathan’s room and we’re out a ton of storage space. Oy.

    January 16, 2015
  3. No matter what, people seem to be perpetually busy. Our time just seems to get occupied with SOMEthing, even if it isn’t important or a priority. This year, I’m trying to make priorities, like getting more sleep or at least being content/fulfilled in what I do in my waking hours while going to be around the same time as before. Hope you get that business off the floor this year. You’ll probably have to make sacrifices in other areas, but life is all about sacrifice. You really can’t have it all, all the time. You can some, some time. Others, other times.

    January 16, 2015
    • *while going to bed around the same time as before

      January 16, 2015
  4. whimsipoppy #

    This sounds so familiar. I am tired ALL THE TIME, I really need more hours in a day to get it all done and our office is our messy room as well. The door is always closed when we have guests. haha Great post!

    January 18, 2015
  5. UGH. I’m perpetually exhausted and never have enough time. If I ever figure out how to do it all (being a mom, housewife, photographer, business person, organized/minimalist) — I promise to let you know. 😛

    January 19, 2015

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