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The Bearded Sourpuss

It’s no secret I like to take pictures. And I really like taking pictures of Matt. Mainly because I see him the most and he’s a good test subject.

Of course, he gets fed up from time to time. By that I mean he gives me a face when I try to take his picture. I call it the “sourpuss.” Except I find it highly amusing and snap away without a care in the world.

See for yourself.
birthday wine Harper's Ferryrichmond may (21 of 1) sourpusshusband in a tub That last one is definitely my favorite. I may have told him to stand in that abandoned bathtub on the side of the road because really, why not?


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  1. dawn #

    Hahahaha! Love it!

    July 25, 2015
    • Marie #


      July 27, 2015
  2. San #

    He’s so photogenic! 🙂

    July 27, 2015
    • Marie #

      Ha! That he is! Especially when he makes that face. 😉

      July 28, 2015
  3. That last picture is great. The casual dress clothes. Painted wall. Broken tub. Love all the contradictions.

    July 29, 2015
    • Marie #

      Right? That’s what I thought too!

      July 30, 2015
  4. Haha, these are fab photos! That last photo is the icing on the cake, why not indeed!

    August 5, 2015

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