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Winter Finds

sippin water

iPhone, vsco cam edits, Matt

Starting tomorrow afternoon, we’re apparently going to start experiencing some serious winter weather, or as the Northeast would refer to it, “it’s just wintah!” But us here in the DMV area like to refer to it as the “end of days” or “Armageddon,” especially considering how all grocery stores have run out of milk and bread.

Honestly why milk and bread? If the power goes out, milk will likely spoil and there’s more to eat than just bread. Also, no offense to you milk lovers, but damn it’s gross.

Psychotic thunder snowstorms aside (that’s right, we’re getting thunder snow, jealous?), I thought I’d share some things I’ve happened upon recently dans ma vie. They may or may not be of any interest to you, but because you’ve (I’m assuming) read the first two and half short paragraphs, why the hell not read on, right?!

Matt recently finished reading the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and suggested I take a crack at it, so that’s what I’m attempting to do. It took him two days to read it which means it should take me about….oh I’d say 6 months. My slow, drawn out, after work reading tends to take a while because I read and edit several items at work. That usually means reading is the last thing I want to do when I get home. But this book seems pretty damn interesting, so why not, eh?

Have you guys tried Google Inbox yet? (I’m assuming you have a Gmail account, but if you don’t, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph.) It takes a little getting used to and figuring out, but I like the new layout. You can also still Gchat in it as (I’m also assuming) you do in Gmail. There’s also a phone app for both iPhones and Androids and I must say, it has a cleaner look and feel than the Gmail app.

And last but not least I have been on the hunt – that’s right hunt not search – for a new camera bag. I wanted something more compact, easy to carry around, and most importantly not flashy. I happened upon the Domke F-5XB shoulder bag and recently bought and received it. Since I’m a small individual, this specific Domke bag fits me perfectly. They do have a variety of other sizes if you need/want something larger, but I’m trying to cut down on gear and what I carry with me so this is going to work out really well.

Ok folks, we’ll be hunkering down for Snowmaggeden or Snowpocolypse or Snow-whateverthehelltheycall it 2016 in the next few days. See you on the flip side!

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  1. San #

    I hope you made it through the weekend without power outage. The pictures from the park were beautiful. 🙂

    I tried the Google Inbox app and I have to say: it was too confusing for me and I abandoned it pretty quickly…. do you have any tips to warm up to it?

    January 25, 2016
    • Marie #

      We did! Thankfully no power outage. And thank you!

      I basically played around Google Inbox to get the hang of it. They also have helpful videos and tips that you might want to check out to see how things work. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I like, for example that I can set up alerts for bills to pay, or how it combines certain emails together. It’s been helpful so far, but I am still getting (even more) used to it. Takes a bit of time.

      January 25, 2016
  2. I absolutely love thunder snow. It is so cool. But I do not love nor am jealous of the actual snow you got.

    January 26, 2016
    • Marie #

      It’s insane! I mean the amount. Just nuts!

      January 26, 2016
  3. Was an avid user of Google Inbox when it was first released. Really enjoyed using it. But realised with the amount of email I have coming in, it just wouldn’t work for me. Still a great little app.

    Camera bags! I feel like I’m always on the hunt for a new camera bag. I’ve had a Kelly Moore bag for years. It’s beginning to fall apart now, but I like that it doesn’t look like a camera bag. And it fits lenses, camera and all my day to day stuff too. Kind of pricey though. I do want something to replace it soon.

    January 28, 2016
    • Marie #

      My old one is a Kelly Moore too! And I really loved the new ones that are out, but like you said, way too pricey. What I liked about this one is that it is compact and small. I’m trying my best to limit gear when I go out and photograph something or someone. It’s difficult, but forces me to try and think even more outside the box. Plus I don’t end up having to carry as much, which can be such a hassle.

      By the way, I did A LOT of searching before buying this one. A LOT.

      January 28, 2016
      • It is so easy to just throw a bunch of lenses in the bag, just in case. And then have a sore shoulder/back because you were lugging around a few pounds of equipment you just didn’t use!

        My research will continue. The Kelly Moore one is still just holding it together.

        January 28, 2016
        • Marie #

          That’s a big reason I’m trying to cut down! Even my Kelly Moore bag gets heavy. The Ona bags are really nice too but ridiculously expensive, so I’d never buy one of those (just like looking at them).

          I read somewhere that it’s actually better to carry a shoulder type bag, rather than a backpack (unless you do a lot of nature photography, hiking, camping, etc.). Easier access to the camera without having to take the bag off and rummage around for stuff.

          January 28, 2016
          • Have lusted after many an Ona bag. They are pretty, aren’t they?

            Big fan of shoulder bags – something I can sling cross body, but grab at whenever I need it.

            January 28, 2016

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