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Is it Wednesday yet?

I’m not sure I can take anymore from this US presidential election. Actually, everyone I know can’t take it anymore. Also we are all terrified as to what awaits us on Wednesday morning, November 9.

I also keep thinking that it’s not possible to have Drumpf as president. But then I remember the movie Idiocracy and well anything is possible I suppose.


Not that Clinton is any better. She’s terrible in many other different ways, but I’m not going to go into detail about that here.

I do still wish Bernie was the chosen candidate. For those who say that he would never have been able to win against Trump, well, looks like it’s a close race with Clinton isn’t it? And that is really just sad.

Then there’s the Senate. The Democrats have their eye on it, hoping to win it back. That right there, along with the House, is where voting makes one big heck of a difference. Especially during off-presidential election years.

In any case, I’m heading out to vote dark and early tomorrow morning when the polling places open in Virginia at 6am. Hold on guys, we’re in for a quite a ride.

In the meantime, I leave you with this.

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