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Sometimes I want to tell my brain to stop thinking for a good five minutes. In fact, I’ve ordered it to do so on multiple occasions, but it has yet to comply. I wake up thinking and analyzing, I go to bed with thoughts streaming through my head at light speed, and even in my sleep I know my mind is busy examining a multitude of things.

How are we to weather this political change? Will I lose my job in a few months because of proposed budget cuts? Will Matt lose his job? Will we both lose our jobs? How will we provide for our son if we do? We’ll lose our house and then what? What’s my backup plan? Do I look for a new job again? What’s going to happen with our insurance? Will our son be able to attend public school in a couple of years? Will there even BE any public schools left? Is this country going to war with the rest of the world??

I feel powerless to make much of a change. I’m not sure where to turn anymore and I’m getting more and more frustrated. When I’m faced with a problem, I want to solve it. It’s likely why I chose to work in the field of communications: everyone comes to me looking for answers.

The sorry reality of this world is that we the people, the ordinary, the middle class, the poor, the 99%, we are powerless. We do not run the world, but rather are run by an oligarchy that is made up of a corporatocracy. To think otherwise is futile and so very naive. We live in a world that is a combination of 1984 and Brave New World.

Unless we have copious amounts of money, we do not and will not have power. Power always has and always will be in the hands of the few. Plato – ugh Plato – even addressed this in The Republic.

Hope and faith are laughable. They are human made to help cope with reality. Some people – in fact many – get so lost in them that they end up turning away from the reality that faces all of us.

The way our society has been built, in fact the way the entire world has been put together is based on economics and who holds the keys to the money box. And once that few holds that type of power, I can assure you, they’ll never ever want to let go.

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