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Can’t Stitch That Fix



For a while I had been hearing all about something called Stitch Fix, which, if you still don’t know what it is, provides you with a number of clothing items based on your preferences. They then send them to you and you get to try them on. If you like any of the items (or all), you can check them out online. And if you don’t, then you can just go ahead and send them back.

After each “fix” as they call them, you answer a few online questions as to why the items worked/didn’t work so that for your following fix, the next set of items can be readjusted more closely to what you are looking for.

Sounds interesting right? I figured I’d sign up and try it, but delayed the first fix until April. As the date got closer and I remembered that I would be charged for this, I started to hesitate. I’m trying to cut down on certain expenses and really I didn’t need this.

I went online and requested my account be canceled. When I received an email saying my account had been deactivated/stopped, I sighed in relief.

Except then a day or two later I received another email saying my first fix had been sent to me.


Not to worry, their customer service is pretty damn rad. I emailed them about it and they removed any charges on my card and said to just go ahead and return everything.

Last night I finally opened the box which had arrived from them the day before and took a peek out of curiosity.

I was not impressed. None of the items in there (a pair of jeans, two tops, some sort of wrap and jewelry) did not appeal to me at all.

That’s pretty much when I figured out this is definitely not for me. I made the right choice in canceling my account.

I don’t have the patience to try things on, then go and rate them and explain what worked or didn’t work. I can’t get the items back within 3 business days to them because I can’t get to a post office during the week (I don’t have the car and there isn’t a post office near where I work – walking distance that is).

I also realized I would quickly get bored with this sort of thing. If you know me, you know I’m extremely fickle and hard to please. That’s what happens when you mix perfectionism and short attention span into someone’s DNA.

It’s probably also why I dislike a lot of the gifts many people have gotten me over the years (Matt just gets me gift cards now – that’s how difficult I am). It’s not that I’m not thankful for the gifts, but I just don’t like them.

Very few people – and I mean VERY FEW – have ever been able to pinpoint what I like (usually close friends of mine).

In any case, if people who know me can’t figure out what I like (you’ll never go wrong if you get me coffee) and I don’t have the patience to fill out information online? Then this isn’t going to work.

I’m telling you, I’m missing a female gene. I might be the only girl who isn’t impressed by Stitch Fix. Also this is why I go to Ann Taylor Loft every 4-6 months and buy new items since they have petites.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix or anything similar to it? What’s your experience been like?

Oh and P.S. no one asked me review any of this and I wasn’t paid by anyone, blah blah blah, etc. so on and so forth.


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