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The News, Issue 3

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I promise not to link to an Ebola story since I think we’ve heard more than enough to last us at least a decade, if not more. So here’s a roundup of some other interesting stories I’ve happened upon lately.

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently stopped using Facebook (for the most part) and then on Sunday I deactivated my account all together. It’s been a few days, but I don’t miss it quite yet. If you haven’t already seen it, BuzzFeed put together yet another video on why Facebook is so terrible. Granted, other forms of social media can be just as bad since we have a bad habit of not putting our smartphones down.

I always thought New York City would eternally be more expensive to live in than DC. But according to a new government study, DC is officially the most expensive place to live. Even more so than San Francisco. Yeah I still can’t believe it myself. But there you have it.

NPR recently linked to quite the adorable New York Times video of kids dining at a highly rated restaurant and how they reacted to the food they were served. It’s about 7 minutes long, but totally worth the watch.

Every time I hear birth control being debated hotly in the news or in government (federal or state), I am flabbergasted. This is an issue that really shouldn’t even be an issue anymore and should have been settled back in the 1970s. The New Republic provides a snippet of an interview with Jonathan Eig on birth control and reproductive rights (here in the US). I think I may need to buy his new book. Here’s a little excerpt from the interview:

I think the things that haven’t changed is we’re still viewing the control of reproduction as if it were somehow immoral. There’s still this sense among some people that women should only have sex when they want to have a child, and nobody says the same thing for men. I think that’s one of the constants here.

I’m always on the lookout for new or seasoned photographers to look at their work and try to see what they see when they look through the viewfinder. One such photographer, Rene Burri, recently passed away, but left behind a multitude of historic images. In the last picture (if you click on the link), you’ll notice he’s holding a Leica, one of my favorite cameras.

And lastly, I leave you with a recent quote from Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Ebola (I didn’t say I wouldn’t mention something about it!):

You cannot imagine how little enthusiasm there was among the general public about preparing for Ebola just a few years ago.


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