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Erasing and Rewriting


Remember the days when we shared very little of our lives online? When film was the only option for snapping pictures? When we had to pick up the receiver to dial a friend, see if they were free to hang out or make plans?

I sometimes long for those days. I get tired of the overflow of information. While the internet has generated a plethora of useful knowledge, intrigue, and virtually allowing us to Google anything and everything – even on handheld devices – it can also be awash with junk.

A while back I quit Twitter because of that. I eventually went back with a limited amount of followers – friends mainly – and followed more reliable news sources. I found it to be a lot more manageable and even – dare I say – an enjoyable source of information.

Now I’ve quit Facebook. At least for a while. No offense to anyone’s child or pet, but I’m sick of the baby/child photos and cutsie cat/puppy pictures. They are all the same. I know your kid/pet is special to you, but that’s your child/pet. I see the same thing over and over and over and then some more. It’s boring after a while.

Don’t get me started on status updates.

Add on top of that all the depressing stories I see on Facebook lately to do with what is happening in the part of the world where I come from. Each person with their own differing and sometimes combative opinion (and hey, I’m guilty of that too). It all became a sea of unmanageable clutter. So I’m off of The Facebook for a while.

I’ve even gone back and deleted several previous blog posts from this space. I almost want to shut out the world and share it with a few.


But I’m still here and around other parts of the interweb. Hope to see you around.


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